Network Developement

In the course of the implementation of the third liberalization package adopted by the EU in 2009, the ElWOG 2010, which came into force on March 3 2011, was issued during the national implementation.

According to § 29a i.V.m § 29 Abs 1 lit p. ElWiG 2011, the transmission system operator has to annually provide a ten-year network development plan to the regulation authority. The network development plan has to be in agreement with regional plans and network development plans throughout the Community and has to be consulted with all relevant market participants.

In the interest of the security of supply, the construction and maintenance of the necessary network infrastructure, including possibilities for linkage, should contribute to a stable supply of electricity. The procedure of setting up a network development plan is clearly specified.

Network development plan 2020

The network development plan 2020 of VUEN will be available for download as of June 16.

Comments on the network development plan 2020 of VUEN can be offered prior to the submission to the regulation authority until July 17 2020.

All parties interested are invited to submit their feedback on the network development plan in the version of June 1 2020, in written form to VUEN. If a party wishes that their response to be handled confidentially this should be noted in the submission.

VUEN will deal with feedback in the network development plan after the public consultation.